Hi, my name is Sharon Bolink, and I am excited to be a part of your child's life this year! God has blessed my life in so many ways as I have learned with and aided hundreds of children on their intellectual, spiritual, physical, social, emotional, and artistic development journeys. I will continue to pray for your child and your family and that the Lord will bless each of us throughout the year.  He has great things in store for us in experiences, challenges, learning, and growth! 

A little about me:  I celebrate having the pleasure of teaching for almost thirty years in Christian Schools in British Columbia, Alberta, and West Africa, at the Grades Two, Three, Five, and Six levels. 

Some of my favourite activities are singing, playing piano, reading, chatting and learning with children, beauty creating, baking, photography, walking, quilting, listening to music, and visiting family and friends.

In the community of learners, my greatest joy is seeing God reveal matters of faith through daily life and for us to act by incorporating our learning, gifts, and skills into God’s service.  This falls in line with our School Motto: “Students Learn, to Shape God’s World”.  As God reveals Himself to us in all creation, we have unique opportunities to learn about Him through the various subjects of study. We identify as being Community Builders, God Worshippers, Justice Seekers, Servant Workers, Beauty Creators, Creation Enjoyers, Order Discovers, Earth Keepers, Idolatry Discerners, and Image Reflectors. We thus take what we have learned and employ our gifts and skills to further God's Kingdom here on earth.  

Please introduce yourself to me if we haven't already met. I look forward to learning about your child and helping him or her on life's journey.    

In His Shalom, Sharon